Relationship Therapy-Counselors in Charlotte, NC

Relationships are central to our wellbeing and sense of connectedness in the world. They give our lives meaning and purpose. They can be enriching joyful, and can also be the greatest sources of pain. Relationships with romantic partners, family members, coworkers, and friends can start positively and become stressful and problematic. When our relationships suffer, we suffer as individuals.

How can relationship counseling help?

Relationships suffer when we struggle to communicate our thoughts and feelings and be understood by those around us. Sometimes we stay in relationships that are bad for us for too long. At Charlotte Counseling and Wellness, we help you identify those negative patterns of communication and break old habits. We help you identify your needs within your relationships and to learn to better speak up for them. We help you go from conflict and disconnection to harmony and connection.

Relationships are tough, but they can get better. Make an appointment for relationship therapy today.