Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Charlotte NC

We live in a time where it’s so easy to disconnect and disappear. Our lives are brimming with distractions, and for so many people it feels as if their mind never stops, as if no one can stop and spare one second to really listen.

Maybe you’re familiar with the powerful sense of loneliness amid all the activity and the cascade of thoughts always telling you are just not good enough, just not smart enough, just not pretty enough.

Just not enough.


Or maybe you grew up in a home where your family didn’t take good care of you. Maybe things from long ago are still bothering you, but there has never been the right time or place to open up about it.

Or maybe you’re just not sure anymore what the right direction is even though on the outside your life looks complete.

I became a therapist because I wanted to make sure no one in life was being overlooked. I wanted to make sure that people who grew up in difficult environments didn’t have to continue suffering. I wanted to help people remember that they don’t have to believe everything they’ve been told about what they’re worth.

I became a therapist because these are the types of things I’ve always cared about and because I believe we’re all in this together.

I’ve come to understand through more than a decade of working as a therapist that people who come to therapy are seeking real connection, a place that feels safe, an environment where any feeling can surface.

 A lot of my clients come to therapy asking themselves:

-What is my purpose?

-What’s the point?

-What do I do with difficult thoughts and feelings?

-Am I making the right decisions in life?

-Why don’t I feel more connected with others?


I help by:

-Creating an opening to allow your difficult thoughts and feelings to surface

-Showing you how to sit with those difficult thoughts and feelings

-Identifying and questioning what you really believe about yourself and your worth

-Guiding you to identify what you really value in life

-Pinpointing what’s getting in the way of you living your life according to your values

-Learning to listen deeply to and accept others as they are, so that you can fully connect with them again

If you’re suffering in some way, or if you just wish to move from getting by to thriving, perhaps this is the right time to reach out for guidance and support in creating a more fulfilling life.  I would be grateful to walk that path with you.