We'll help you find calm again.

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You've struggled for a while to feel like yourself, and maybe you've been hesitant about reaching out.


IF you've been feeling

  • Worried about the future

  • Stressed about work

  • Less interested in the things you used to enjoy

  • Disconnected from the people who matter most

We'll help you feel

  • Ready for whatever life throws at you next

  • Focused and productive at work

  • Enjoyment of the things you love to do

  • Connected to the people closest to you

Charlotte Counseling and Wellness is here to help. 

Our counselors have dedicated their lives to being the best at helping people go from stuck to thriving, anxious to calm, hopeless to hopeful.



"Jennifer has helped me to become more aware of my specific soul-level gifts and talents and to take action in bringing these out in my everyday life. She's also helped me to be more aware of how I've been shaped by my own family of origin and to bring greater kindness to my ways of relating with living family. My work with her has helped me and my husband, and I highly recommend her as a therapist and ally in the journey of healing and empowerment. "

"John is the best therapist I've ever worked with. As someone encountering significant anxiety issues for the first time, John helped me understand and take concrete CBT steps to address and embrace this new experience. The moment I stepped into his office I felt taken care of, and every session I left with new strategies and perspective to help me make it through the next day or week or fear around the corner. I was so lucky to find him and will be keeping him on speed-dial for years to come."

Professional Testimonials

Professional Testimonials

"Jennifer is a kind, skillful, and dedicated therapist willing to go the extra mile to serve her clients. Over the past fifteen years I've witnessed again and again her commitment to really showing up for her clients with curiosity, heart, and genuine concern. She's also steeped in her own spiritual practice and discipline in a ways that allow her to bring presence, intuition, a sense of humor, and appreciation for the weirdness of life to her work. Jennifer's approach weaves tough love, spiritual awareness, and solid clinical skills; for those ready for real growth and change, highly recommended!" Daniel Foor, PhD, Ancestral Medicine, Asheville, NC

"As a physician I can unreservedly recommend Jennifer. Her practice is grounded by solid training and her kindness and empathy make her incredibly effective. A+++" --Linda Raj, M.D., Charlotte, NC

"John has the rare combination of being really knowledgable AND being incredibly warm, compassionate & empathic. I wouldn't hesitate to refer potential clients to him. His manor of pursuing his craft is an inspiration and I admire how clearly he thinks things through before responding. I think his clients are lucky to have him."--Neil Howell, Pacific CBT, San Francisco, CA